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Hertig Karls allé 20, 703 40  Örebro, SWEDEN

Cell: +46 704694769 Email:

TITLES:  Soccer and Football Fitness Coach. Owner of J2 Performance


  • Proven ability to lead teams and the ability to achieve results.
  • Exceptional follow-through abilities.
  • Adapt quickly to new environments and is recognized for dedication.
  • Excellent communication skills both written and oral (English and Swedish, moderate German).


(2013 to present)       KIF Örebro

Assistant & First team fitness coach

  • Responsible for seasonplaning, overall fitness, conditioning, and training of the professional women’s team.
  • Developed and conducted individual prehab, strength and nutritional programs.
  • Videoanalysis on team and individual level together with scouting oppponents


(2009 to Present)            JB Elite Soccer Academy 

Soccer & Fitness coach, Teacher in Exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition and Sport Psychology

  • Part of a well-organized team of soccer and fitness coaches
  • More than 15 students have represented Swedish National Youth teams,  two of which now entered Sweden’s National squad in 2011 ranking the school top in Sweden.
  • Responsible for teaching exercise Physiology, Sports Nutrition and Sport Psychology.


(2009 to 2013)            BK Forward, 1 Div.

Assistant coach & first team fitness Coach

  • Responsible for overall fitness, conditioning, and training of the semi-professional team.
  • Minimized injury rate and improved players fitness comparable to international elite.
  • Developed and conducted individual prehab, strength and nutritional programs.


(2008)                  Division of Sport Science, School of health and medical sciences, Örebro University

Lecturer in Functional Anatomy and Sport Biomechanics, Örebro University

  • Responsible for teaching exercise Physiology as Functional Anatomy and Sport Biomechanics.



(2009 to present) The Scientific Coach – Sport Science research in coaches’ everyday work.

Study in collaboration with Henrik Gustafsson, Associate Professor, Division of Sport Sciences, Karlstad University.

(2007) Re-Warm up in Swedish Elite Soccer. Funded by the Swedish National Soccer Federation.


  • 2014 – UEFA A – License Coach (Currently)
  • 2013 – UEFA B – License Coach
  • 2013 – World Football Academy – Football Periodisation (R. Verheijen). 
  • 2013 –Videoanalyser – Sideline XPS Analyser Soccer. 
  • 2011 – Athletes Performance Coach Mentorship 4 phases, Athletes Performance, Phase 1-4. Educated at Borussia Dortmund and firsthanded experienced how the performance system was seamlessly integrated.
  • 2008 – Bachelor of Science Sports Science, University of Örebro.
    • Specialized in:  Exercise physiology, Sports nutrition
  • 2008 – Degree of Master of EducationPhysical Education and Exercise Physiology, University of Örebro.
  • 2007 – Certified Fitness coach,  Swedish National Sports Federation – Bosön – Swedish National Sports Complex
  • 2007 – Instructor level one – Weightlifting, Swedish National Weightlifting Federation,
  • 2007 – Kettlebells instructor level one – Spartan Kettlebells


References: References are available upon request.



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